Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post 48 of Series - Install Oracle RAC 12c on Vmware with Windows 7 64-bit as host OS and Linux as guest OS (Part 1, Vmware Setup)

By His Command, bodies are created; His Command cannot be described. By His Command, souls come into being; by His Command, glory and greatness are obtained. By His Command, some are high and some are low; by His Written Command, pain and pleasure are obtained. Some, by His Command, are blessed and forgiven; others, by His Command, wander aimlessly forever. Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command. O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego.

Finally got 12cR1 RAC installed on vmware workstation. So, thought to share with my friends.  I am writing on the same pattern as I wrote for 11gr2 RAC. Here we go ..

Please note this should only be used for educational purposes.
The hardware required for this install is:

1. At least Dual Core Processor.
2. Router 
3. RAM 
6GB (installs comfortably), 4GB RAM (though its slow but it should 
work have patience, stop all other programs while you do this install).
4. 70GB HD.

Software required is:

1. Host Operating System is Win 7 64-bit.
2. Guest OS is CentOS 6.4 x86_64.
3. Oracle Grid Infrastructire 12cR1 linux 64-bit.
4. Oracle Database Software 12cR1 linux 64-bit.
5. VMware workstation 9.0. 
6. Putty.
7. Winscp.
8. Xming 

I already have VMware Workstation and it also it has some better features as compared to VMware Server so, I am installing RAC using this VMware Workstation. These steps should also work fine on VMware server.

I assume you already have Windows 7 64-bit installed on your computer. It can be Win 7 Home, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. These steps should work on any version of windows. Here I am installing on Windows 7 Professional.

Download and do a typical install of VMware Workstation 9. Once installed we have to do some virtual network updates.

Open VMware from Start->All Progrms->Vmware->Vmware Workstation
you will have the following screen.

On Vmware window click Edit->Virtual Network Editor and you will have the following screen.

Instead of automatic, I selected my wireless network card.

Click “APPLY” and then click “OK”

When the hands and the feet and the body are dirty, water can wash away the dirt. When the clothes are soiled and stained by urine, soap can wash them clean. But when the intellect is stained and polluted by sin, it can only be cleansed by the Love of the Name. Virtue and vice do not come by mere words; actions repeated, over and over again, are engraved on the soul. You shall harvest what you plant. O Nanak, by the Hukam of God?s Command, we come and go in reincarnation.

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