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Install Oracle RAC 11gR2 on Vmware with Windows 7 64-bit as host OS and Linux as guest OS (Part 1, Vmware Setup)

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Please note this should only be used for educational purposes. Courtsey to masterschema and Corpunk.

The hardware required for this install is:

1. At least Dual Core Processor.
2. Router

3. RAM
6GB (installs comfortably), 4GB RAM (though its slow but it should
work have patience, stop all other programs while you do this install).
4. 50GB HD.

Software required is:

1. Host Operating System is Win 7 64-bit.
2. Guest OS is CentOS 5.4 x86_64.
3. Oracle Grid Infrastructire 11gR2 linux 64-bit.
4. Oracle Database Software 11gR2 linux 64-bit.
5. VMware workstation 7.0.

6. Putty.
7. Winscp.
8. Xming

I aleady have VMware Workstation and it also it has some better features as compared to VMware Server so, I am installing RAC using this VMware Workstation. These steps should also work fine on VMware server.

I assume you already have Windows 7 64-bit installed on your computer. It can be Win 7 Home, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate. The steps should work on any version of windows. Here I am installing on Windows 7 Professional.

Download and do a typical install of VMware Workstation 7. Once installed we have to do some virtual network updates.

Open VMware from Start->All Progrms->Vmware->Vmware Workstation

On Vmware window click Edit->Virtual Network Editor and you will have the following screen.

Now we will configure some ip addresses for our machines that we are going to create later.

First of all click on vmnet2 and you will get the following screen.

Now click check box "Connect to a host virtual network adaptor and also click check box "Use local DHCP service to distribute IP addresses to the VM".

Now enter Subnet IP as and subnet mask as

Now click on the DHCP settings button and enter the the range you want to have for this.

I have entered: to

Do the same step for vmnet3 and vmnet4. Just change the subnet IP to and respectively. Also change the range for vmnet3 and vmnet4 from to and to respictively.

We would use : as a public ip
10.10.1.x as a private ip and
10.10.2.x as a virtual ip

Other screenshots are given below.

Now we will create a base machine. Then by copying base machine we will create our SAN machine and RAC machines. Master schema calls this base machine as a Base Brick Machine.


The only truth in this Universe is God himself.
Never ever forget him, at least he has given you eyes to see
and remeber Him like a mom who does all the work but thinks about her infant child all the time.

Part 1 - Vmware Setup

Part 2 - Setup Base Brick Machine

Part 3 - SAN Setup

Part 4 - RAC VM Setup

Part 5 - Install Grid Infrastructure

Part 6 - Run asmca and Install RDBMS Software

Part 7 - Create RAC database with DBCA

Part 8 - Add node and instance to existing 11gR2 Cluster db

Part 9 - Delete node and inst from existing 11gR2 cluster db


  1. Wow! this looks to be a VERY complete and thorough coverage of my next course of study. I just finished my Oracle 11g DBA OCP certification and this is my next area of study. Thanks so much for your diligence in recording this in such detail!!

  2. You are welcome Steve, Good Luck in your future endeavours.

  3. I appreciate what you have done. This guide has proven very helpful.
    Would you please replay and let me know if the eth1 nic described in part 2 was a physical nic already on your machine or if you created it virtually in VMWare Workstation? Thanks! Cliff

  4. Hi Cliff,

    Thanks for pointing out. I should have mentioned this in the requirements. There is only one physical nic on the machine. All nic's we are using here are virtualized and in turn using only one physical nic.

  5. Well Singh, if you are using one physical nic, how is it going to give you eth1 in your "Setup Base Brick Machine" part? It only gives you eth0 because of the single nic you are using.

    __ Chris

  6. Hi Chris

    Physically there is only one computer with one NIC (Network Interface Card).
    I am using vmware workstation to create the virtual machines within that computer.
    As you can see when we create a machine through vmware, we allocate hardware devices
    to it. e.g. CPU,RAM,hard disk,nic's (Network interface cards) etc. These virtualised nic's
    are the ones used for eth0,eth1 and eth2. So, I have one computer with 4 machines in it and each
    having its own hardware but everything virtualised.

    It's all about our life, we think that we all are different like these virtual machines but inside all, the root is the same that i.e. GOD himself. HE himself is sitting in all of us and commands us to do stuff.

    I hope you will not come back with this question on life as it has to be realised with just meditation as there is no other way out. :)

    Hope this helps......

    1. nice way to put(link) the materialize world with spiritual (internal) world, impressive


  7. I enjoyed both the technical steps and the prayers to God. I am very interested in IPSEC between VMWare nodes. Do you have any insight on a Multi-Level Security implementation in a VMWare Cloud?

  8. Hello Mr Angel,

    You have a great sacred name 'eh'. Really like it.

    Good to know that you enjoyed both the technical steps as well as prayers to God.

    Arnold, I am not vmware expert. I am just an Oracle DBA and use this skill to have bread and butter for my family. By the grace of God, I have learnt VMware by reading manuals, googling and doing some hit and trial on different options. I just know how to configure it and to make Oracle RAC run on it. I would not be able to help you on that.

    Good Luck and just one advice never forget to do Meditation in the name of All Mighty before you sleep everyday and pray for me to be in meditation all the time even at work as this is the only thing that will be with us.

    Gurpartap Singh

  9. well lovely document, on top of that what i love most is the concept of God. yes God is one and one only. its great to spread this message

  10. Thanks Firdous

    It’s a great feeling when by the grace of God you feel this reality (that "God is one). I would say whosoever wants to feel it
    just pray for it and do meditation in the remembrance of God and that will do wonders.

    I have seen many people having fun that that way, actually that is the only thing for which we have taken the birth.

    Regards and Have Fun in Meditation
    Gurpartap Singh

  11. Hi Gurpratap,

    Thanks for this blog, would you mind to share the configuration (Processor) detail of your installation please?



  12. Hello Dilip,

    Thanks for visiting the blog. The processor is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz.

    Oracle 11gR2 RAC installation needs RAM. CPU is never more than 10-15% used as I use this environment just for testing and implementing differernt configurations at home.

    Gurpartap Singh

  13. Hello Gurupratap,
    Thanks for this blog. I recently purchased an HP laptop with i7 quad-core with hyper threading and 8 GB of RAM. I am planning to install 11gR2 RAC using your blog. Could you please share with me the location where you downloaded the software's so that I also use the exact image and not lose any patches or rpms. Thank you very much in advance.


  14. Congrats Thanzeer for your new laptop. Great to know that you found the note good enough to follow.

    Here is the list of software required.

    1. Host Operating System is Win 7 64-bit. - comes installed. (Get from Microsoft)
    2. Guest OS is CentOS 5.4 x86_64. (Google it out, free download)
    3. Oracle Grid Infrastructire 11gR2 linux 64-bit. (Download from
    4. Oracle Database Software 11gR2 linux 64-bit. (Download from
    5. VMware workstation 7.0. (It's not free download though)
    6. Putty. (Google it out, free download)
    7. Winscp. (Google it out, free download)
    8. Xming (Google it out, free download)

    Good Luck !

    Gurpartap Singh

  15. Thanks for a massage!!!! This article is awesome... really help to me,,, Window Installation Melbourne

  16. thanks a lot sir,

    the vmware networking in a win 7 machine is a night mare. a lot of thanks for showing the step by step vmnetwork steps. thanks a lot for all the patience that you bear to post all these silly steps which means every thing and without which nothing can be done in a vmware machine.

  17. Thanks for your comments "pks".

    Gurpartap Singh

  18. Hello Gurpartap:

    I cannot connect to the internet from rac_base machine. I have followed all your steps and verified then twice. What could be wrong? I am using Windows 7 Home Prem, 6 GB RAM, i5 Processor, 1 TB drive.
    Thank You
    Paramjeet Gill

  19. Hello Paramjeet, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I have no problems in connecting to the internet with any of my machines. Please follow steps again, it works !

    Good Luck and Regards
    Gurpartap Singh

  20. Hi Gurpartap Singh,

    I did all the steps as per the above but while installing Centos 5.8, I can see only eth0 but as per the above snaps you got eth1. Can you please tell me exactly what has to be done to get eth1.

    Thanks & Regards,

  21. Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. As you will follow this notes you will see eth1,eth2 and eth3 as well. These are different network interfaces that we will use to create RAC.

    Thnaks and Regards,
    Gurpartap Singh

  22. Hi Singh,

    i found really a good blog , i really appreciate for you blogs , helping many people for their advance courses ... i am learning RAC in my first step i am not able to setup the bridge configuration on VM ware getting an error like can not change network to bridge : there are no un bridge network host adapters.

    please hlep me out so tht i can go fwd . in installation ..


  23. Hello RP,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Please follow post 48, 49,50,51 and install 11gr2 if you want instead of 12c if you want. Those posts should be bullet proof. Long time I had written these and versions are changing, I will have to review these again which is very time consuming.

    Good Luck !

    Gurpartap Singh

    Remember - This life is only for meditation, make money from your profession and spent remaining time in meditation and pray for me for the same thing so that I can enhance my spirtual life by the grace of All Mighty.

  24. Finally, I got what I was looking for. Don’t have enough words to thank you that you choose this particular topic to write about. Feeling really satisfied after reading this post.
    Servidor VWware


  25. Hi Gurpartap Singh,

    Can you please explain how to add etho1 Can you please tell me exactly what has to be done to get eth1. U said these are different network interfaces that we will use to create RAC. Different interfaces means? can you please explain this?

    1. Hi Satish,

      I hope by now you will have the answer. In the next couple of posts I have done this in detail.

      Gurpartap Singh

  26. WJKK WJKF Gurpartap Singh Ji,

    I followed your nice instructions and created two node rac which been working fine for years but suddenly i got following message when i tried to start the database (I did not make any change), see if you can help me to solve the issue:
    ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system

    1. WJKK WJKF Talwinder Ji,

      I hope you have solved this issue by now.

      Gurpartap Singh

  27. What is the benefit of installing it over VMware, i tried installing it directly on my windows local machine but start up was very slow, with many services running, ultimately had to delete it which was also a challenge.

    Does VMware would make it run fast? Is it better to install on Linux as a separate OS on my computer, Linux on VMware, Win on VMware. I just need to fire some sql queries for parctise.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Tanmay.

      On Vmware, you can have Linux. Also speed depends on load, for just couple of queries and practice this is one of the better ways I like.

      Gurpartap Singh

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